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Viva Koud

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    Organic fertilizer

    Production solid and liquefied fertilizer from slaughter blood.

    The idea of using waste and the production of value-added sector is growing in advanced economies.

    Among the reasons for the success of these ideas into industrial production, can be as follows:

    • Cheap raw material
    • Easy access to raw materials
    • High value-added
    • Meet environmental requirements in the production and consumption sectors
    • This waste contains substances (molecules) that have different applications

    In industrial production, competitive advantage of these kinds of ideas on common industry is deployment based on knowledge and technology which produces high value-added and makes payback period short and the profit increased. These foundations of knowledge, allow them to grow and develop in a given context and simultaneously in other applications.

    About Us

    Viva Koud


    Our company's name is Viva Koud. Viva means alive and Koud means fertilizer.

    In general picture, Viva Koud Company is active in two fields: enviromental protection and Natural fertilizer production.

    The core idea in our business is finding innovative sustainable ways for recovering those materials that we call them as waste to reuse them for production added-value products.

    At first, we focused on biological waste of slaughterhouse, I mean animal Blood. We collect and recover it to reuse for natural fertilizer production.

    To describe our concept in Viva Koud I have to mention that from 2007 up to now in regards to our mission, our polices are being revised in order to coordinating them with global level such as implementing gender equality in management and accepting social responsibilities.


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